Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Cathedral City (Palm Springs)

At the tale end of our Palm Springs getaway the Canadian and I went to FrickleBurger, the ultimate in German burger fare. Let me start by saying, when you walk in you are jovially greeted by the owner/cashier/server, Mike, who's voice sounds just like Eric Stonestreet's on Modern Family (seriously close your eyes and listen to him while he speaks to the other customers!) Mike takes you through the menu, kindly learns your names, and makes sure you have all the burger accessories necessary -malt vinegar, ketchup, home made blue cheese dressing- for maximum FrickleBurger enjoyment.

The Canadian opted for the most popular item, The Big Kenny, which consists of Bratwurst, sautéed onions, sauerkraut, chopped bacon, and bleu cheese. It was beautiful. The bratwurst literally melts in your mouth. You remember pixie sticks? How they just dissolve on your tongue? That's how good this bratwurst is. Then consider the fact that this delicate bratwurst is on top of a perfectly cooked burger with all the toppings. Because the blue cheese dressing is the creamy element that cuts the savory flavor profile, ask for extra so you can pile it on! I can see why its a customer favorite.

I chose the Country Comfort which comes with melted cheddar, BBQ sauce, red onion, tomato, shredded iceberg, and an onion ring. Usually I steer clear of BBQ sauce on a burger because I find it overwhelming, but this was just the right amount and it didn't overtake the other ingredients. The red onions are clutch on this burger because they're the main crunchy element. Next time I might add chopped bacon to it!  The one complaint with both burgers is the bun; the burgers themselves are already heavy (you can see the awesome stack of goodies in those pictures!) and the buns are super dense, adding unnecessary weight.

Fries were delicious, thick-cut the way the Canadian prefers, with awesome tater tots mixed in! Tater Tots! Mike brings them out personally in a brown bag to absorb grease, evenly salt and retain heat, and then he pours them into the basket at the table.  Fries are of course served with the home made blue cheese dressing, which finds a nice balance between creamy-ness and pungent blue cheese flavor. Mike also offers up malt vinegar, which is delish on fries if you haven't experienced it yet!

Certain sodas on the fountain machine were on the fritz, so Mike offered up bottled soda to patrons.  He checked on us partway though the meal and even refilled my diet coke for me. FrickleBurger is an oasis in the desert with a great family heritage and hearty fare to satisfy your hunger. There is also a build-your-own option which might be borderline dangerous for foodies like me who's eyes are always bigger than their stomachs!

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