Monday, June 4, 2012


West LA

Last weekend the Canadian and I went to Plan Check, and it was so awesome, that we went back this weekend with the 2 people who told us about it in the first place, Pete and Victoria. (Special shout-out!) As you can read on Plan Check's website, the name comes from their proximity to the Building and Safety Department in Little Osaka.  Head Chef Ernesto Uchimura, previously an executive chef at Umami, has outdone himself, so I'm going to dive straight in. 

For cocktails, I had the Ronin which I loved, the Canadian had the Bento Box and Victoria opted for an Old Fashion with their housemade moonshine.  I'd recommend sticking with their specialty cocktails. They also have a beer and wine menu, with several good options.

Appetizers are so-so; the goat cheese was delish, the duck breast ham was a disappointment. The best starter is actually a side dish: the Stuffed Mushroom. And, I hate mushrooms, so that's really saying something. The boys loved the spicy cucumber with sriracha.

Now lets talk about the stars of the show, all served on toasted buns, and nearly impossible to pick up. The Chef's Favorite has bacon two ways, cheese two ways and a fried egg. It's gooey, crunchy and full of flavor. I could not pick it up to save my life. This burger is for breakfast lovers. 

The Pastrami Nosh is amazing. A huge chunk of pastrami, tossed on a flat top and crisped up, then spiced with a kimchi mustard, served with the bun inside out and a fried egg on top, its a beautiful interpretation of the traditional deli sandwich. 

Then there's the Bleuprint, with a strong, but not overpowering, bleu cheese and salty "pig candy" aka thick cut bacon, and the flavors mix perfectly. Chef Uchimura uses a unique blend of slightly untraditional ingredients to develop the traditional flavor some patrons will be seeking.

The last burger we had was the PCB, or Plan Check Burger. This was a creamier burger, the americanized dashi cheese and schmaltz onions create a rich, smooth flavor, and it gives you a chance to try the much-talked-about ketchup leather.

We had both sweet potato fries and regular, equally delicious, but the kimchi ketchup didn't really do it for us, I recommend asking for the salt & pepper mayo when you order the fries.  

And their famous dessert, the cruller donuts, taste like they waved a magic wand and turned churros into donuts. Served with cream and fresh fruit, its worth eating, even though you're already stuffed! I apologize for the lack of photo, I may have had too many Ronins...

So fellow burger lovers, go to Plan Check and taste the latest stash of gourmet burgs LA has to offer.

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