Friday, March 25, 2011

Recon: BAR * FOOD

West Los Angeles, CA

Happy Hour is very important to my people. And recently our wallets have been hurting from staying and drinking past happy hour's end- until there was Bar * Food. It's good sized, with a square horse shoe bar in the front, and tables down the sides. It's exactly what the name declares, and just last week I accidentally ended up here three out of the five work days. Let's not get into that now. They have a wide selection of beers, but only three are on happy hour special, along with a red and white wine. With each drink during happy hour, you can have a free hot dog, and there's a solid menu of other happy hour food items that include a delicious burger and some great, spicy tuna on crispy rice.  Eclectic, I know. Past happy hour, the drinks specials stay but the food specials end. 

My friend Dre ordered the $6 burger. Just like the Carl's Jr. commercials, I know. And I totally ate half of it. The bun is toasted in buttery goodness and the burger is served with perfectly melted cheddar cheese, bacon jam and arugula. Its tasty. Great flavor, the right texture and an awesome price. They also have peppered fries with a Guinness ketchup and sweet potato fries with a spicy mayo- the same spicy mayo on the spicy tuna and crispy rice if I'm not mistaken. The next time you need a burger, a happy hour, or both, pop into Bar * Food.

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