Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Cambridge, MA

One of my best friends, Murph, just got her masters at Tufts University, so Cojo and I popped out to Boston for a week of exploration.  We took the red-eye and powered through our first day. It was hot and muggy and we walked around Cambridge and Harvard getting a feel for things. In need of a big meal after dour airplane food, Murph took us to Flat Patties, according to them they are the: "2010 WINNER BEST OF BOSTON & MOST AFFORDABLE!" 

I opted for a single cheeseburger and added bacon and avocado. And obviously I got fries, and mixed my own dipping sauce with the ketchup and mayo.  I don't know who's relish that is in the picture.  I'll attribute it to Murph.  She always eats my pickles.  ANYWAY, the burg was solid. Fresh ingredients, and natural tasty fries.  After such food deprivation, it really hit the spot. Not the most inventive burger, or best flavors, but a good showing none the less. The joint was certainly popular, people were hovering, waiting to snatch our table the minute we got up. I'll agree with their affordable title- I only paid $8.88, but I wouldn't put it in the best of Boston category...

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