Thursday, June 3, 2010


Los Angeles, CA

“You are what you eat, so eat good stuff!”

Samantha and I ducked out of the office at lunch to pay a visit to Good Stuff, a locals only lunch spot on Pico.  Samantha went healthy on me and ordered a California wrap with sweet potato fries, but I went straight for the jugular: the avocado bacon cheddar burger with fries and a Diet Coke-Rootbeer mix.   We took our numbered receipts and grabbed a nice table under a skylight. Our orders came up quick and I asked for ranch at the counter to dip my fries in.

My burg was delicious. They use shredded lettuce which I really enjoy, and haven’t yet encountered on my blogging journey.  The bacon was thick cut and crisp, providing great texture and the whole thing was encased in a sweet wheat bun.  It was totally satisfying without making me feel grotesquely full- because obviously I ate the whole thing.  It dripped some juices, but held together nicely and I loved it.  I have to say, Good Stuff is dependable- as evidenced by the bustling lunch crowd.  You know what to expect and they always meet those expectations.  Samantha’s wrap came with salsa and looked picture perfect.

The fries are great.  Golden and crisp with an excellent crunch- the ranch goes great with them, but there’s ketchup on every table for you die-hard ketchup folks. Samantha’s sweet potato fries were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  She said they were the best part of her meal (which is what happens when you go healthy.)  Drinks are the usual fountain sodas, Odwalla juices kept in a little fridge and then smoothies for the health-minded.

The staff is efficient and friendly and the line runs right down the center of the joint.   All their oils are trans-fat free, they use angus beef and free-range eggs.  After we ordered we noticed a small specials board tacked up behind the counter which offered a grass-fed lamb and buffalo patty. I considered trying to change my order but the line was so long, there was just no way, so check the specials board before you order!  The place also offers sandwiches and salads but even if I went there with the intention of having a salad, I think I would end up with a burger.  I can’t resist.

The crowd ranged from teenagers to seniors, but a lot of young professionals were clearly on their lunch breaks looking for that mid-day pickup.  We each paid a little less than $11 and it was absolutely worth it.  The walls are painted with murals and one of their slogans is “Fresh and Healthy since 1979,” clearly their thirty-plus years in business has given them a leg up on the competition.


  1. I just want to point out the excellent burger construction in that second to last shot. THAT'S the order ingredients should be stacked in to prevent SOG.

  2. Thanks for the great review on our burgers! We really haven't changed the formula in over 30 years. i still crave them myself.
    Cris Bennett